This one is for you mom and dad.


I know at least one of you will think this is cool!  It's a Chevy V8 turned into a table/wine holder..   hmm..  I've never seen one so clean!


  1. I like the table. Is it on wheels or something? That would be a pain to move around.

    I want one of the new Macbooks so bad. Everytime I use a Mac its like I enter a world of pure imagination. Then I get back on a PC it freezes and sucks. I'm not going to be around when Vista comes out. I'll be in flavor country, smoking a Mac.

  2. "I'll be in flavor country, smoking a Mac."

    haha thats hilarious..

    Yeah dude.. they are nothing but sweet, its the truth. When are you gonna go get one? I think students get a discount!

  3. I'd like to take this moment to tell you that I'm typing on a MacBook right now.
    Before I "switched," I researched Macs all the time. My poor wife had to endure me everyday going, "Guess what Macs can do?" Even still today, I discover cool little tricks that they've built into the system to make my life easier. My favorite so far is the spotlight feature. It's basically like google desktop, but beautiful. I hit command-space, type in "Thriller", hit return, and I'm listening to Micheal Jackson. I've thought about naming my Lappy Craig Swap, because I'm always saying,"It's just that easy."
    I need more RAM, but other than that, I have zero complaints.
    Just thought that I'd let you know.

  4. Dad would like this better if it was greasy. He's always trying to get more grease into the house.


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