This is my stand and always will be

You all have known me.  You all know how I feel about downloading music.  I know there are many people who don't share my views.. like branden.  (no offense bro.. we're still cool right?.. good.)  Anyway I'd like to point out that there is more going on than you think.  Here is an article from a musician's point of view.  And don't think that he is the only one who think like that.  There are many.  True there are others with almost the exact opposite opinion like Metallica.. but lets be honest.. they are idiots.  And even they are starting to come around.

The Internet will never be controlled.  You have 2 choices.  Either embrace it and use it to your benefit.  Like many intelligent people already have and are.  Or you can go hide yourself in a closet with all the other ignoramuses and cry foul play till you're blue in the face.  Either way I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing and so will the majority.


  1. The Internet will never be controlled.. so embrace it. Hmmm. Well, in that case, the world will never be controlled either, so I'll go ahead and embrace worldly behaviors like rape and murder. I can link you to a great article by a murderer who is promoting the practise, if you want to see it.

    We're still cool. And to prove it.. I'll make us tacos tonight. :)... Probably...

  2. While I believe that intellectual property should be protected... eh.. who gives a crap about music. There are tons of musicians that are for the "hey download everything" club, and there's a bunch that aren't.. So the moral to the story is... Davy downloads music. The internets have blurred the lines of what property is- and kids since the late 90's don't understand that. I guess once my intellectual property gets jacked I'll join the pissed club.

  3. The boy scouts just released a new merit badge called "respect copyrights"
    I thought that was interesting since it didn't have to do with camping or orienteering. I hated learning survival skills. I have no idea what the requirements are, but I think that it is much more realistic than archery. I'm with Branden on this one.

  4. Yeah I almost posted a rant on the Boy Scout thing yesterday. Personally I think it's retarded. 100% retarded.

    I LOVED the camping/orienteering/archery/survival stuff. I'm positive I would never have gone to scouts with out all the fun stuff. I think this is a bull crap agenda. What’s next.. the "respect gay marriage" merit badge? It makes me sick actually..

    I guess I stand on alone on this one.. oh well..

  5. actually the boy scouts are openly against gay anything. There was conroversy about it awhile ago. The boy scouts stuck to their guns with the whole "morally straigt" thing.

  6. that's true actually.. i remember their was some controversy over them not letting gays be in scouts.. or not allowing gay scout leaders or something.. haha.. awesome


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