Motorcycle Gear

 So.. Motorcycles.  I still want one.  I've been looking at helmets and jackets a bit lately.  These are my choices on helmets so far.  I wish I could like make a poll or something where everyone could vote.. oh well..

I really can't decide between this one or ...

this one.


I think they are both great.. now as far as jackets.. I'm a little more lost.  but here are a bunch of examples.. I tried to find some that had orange in em to kinda match the helmet but then if I get the yellow one.. bla.. i don't know.. anyway..



Now the reason for the helmet and jacket!  The Bike.  I think I've decided that i don't want anything 1000cc or over.. I had a 750cc last year and It was great.. I think anything from the 750cc-900cc would be perfect!  I had a Honda ace shadow deluxe (American classic) last summer and I loved it.  But I don't care too much if its a different brand.  Not really into Harley's cuz I think you have to pay a serious premium for the name.  Anyway.. something like this would be sweet.

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  1. yeah.. I'm still there on the motorcycle thing. I still only want a smaller bike though. geez.. Jp helmets are rad.


Thanks for the comments.