google youtube bla bla bla

Lots of hype out there with google buying youtube and all the speculation that comes with it..

Here's what I gotta say. Google needs to do one more thing before they have total control of the internet. Find a way to kill myspace. They just bought half the reason myspace is worth anything with the youtube deal. Now they need finish it off.. or get a myspace of their own.

Why should they want to do this?

Back around the end of May of this year myspace climbed the charts to tie google for just under 4% of the total hits on the web. Then in july they topped the charts beating out yahoo mail and every other domain out there grabbing up over 4 1/2 of the internet. To put their rise to glory in perspective.. they have grown from .1% in just 2 years. Thats a 4300% increase! Google (the advertising giant) must be $alivating at the thought of what they could do with that kind of traffic.

I hate myspace. The sooner google cleans up the bleak social networking as we know it the better. And you know it's only a matter of time.


  1. doesn't google have a myspaceish thing.. i forget what its called, but its only popular in brazil?

  2. I wonder if google will ever start making hardware to compete with dell or hp


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