2038 is the new Y2K

Ok lets recap the Y2K scare. Remember when we thought that the roll over from the year 99 to 2000 would somehow crash the techno driven world as we knew it... hmm well no tech savvy person really thought that would happen. But it did pose a major problem for banks and other people with important records whose software only used a 2 digit number for the year instead of the full 4 digits. This was a major pain for those few. They had to go through a lot of code and change it from a 2 digit year to a 4. When the year 2000 struck there were no major problems reported. Had they not gone through the trouble though, they could have had some major problems with with their records and money applications.

But now a new threat may be emerging. This new "bug" on the block may cause more problems than before and effect a much wider audience. Once again it has to do with how we keep track of time.

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