um trains.. sure why not

I find myself always on the look out for something to take a picture of or something to write a blog about.  The other day on my way home from work I had to wait for a train to go by.  This train was weird for a few reasons:

  • It was going WAY way slow.
  • It was going backwards.  (ok we all know that trains can go either direction.  Train engines are actually made to run full speed full power in forward or reverse.  The this is.. this train had these 2 engines pushing from the behind.. with NOTHING on the front of it.. ) So yeah.. it was strange.
  • It was making a terrible sound as it went by.  My best guess is that there was a break or wheel problem... it was just scraping metal the whole way..

Now you're wondering why the picture looks green aren't you.. well it's because I was playing with the "custom white balance" effect on my camera the other night.  It does an automatic evaluation and then makes the adjustment.  Anyway it was still set to the last setting I used when the sun was going down and I was taking pictures of the mountains and sky at Zac and Heathers house (Barbara's brother and sister in law) and for some reason it put that green hue on it.  Its kinda cool..

I'm really starting to love digital photography.  I got my first crappy tripod the other day.  I cant wait to take some long exposure night shots.. hopefully with some lighting in em.

Ok since its been a while I'm going to post something cool I found today.  Remember back in world war II the Germans had that cool invention that encrypted all there messages to each other?  Its called "the enigma machine"

So I came apon a cool little java app that sorta explains the encryption process and makes it kinda fun. Go here if you want a history lesson.

See if you can decipher this message:


Hint: you'll never be able to decode the message with out the KEY.  The key is the starting position of the 3 rotors.  In this case I chose my initials GDH.

 And here are 3 other random links if you are bored and need a distraction.

  1. A this is a video of a rubberband galling gun made of LEGO'S!  It shoots off 11 rounds a sec supposedly.. all I know is I never made anything like this back in my Lego/GI Joe days..
  2. This is a site with a ton of optical illusions.  Some interesting stuff in here.
  3. Last and probably least is a crazy house for sale that's perfect for all your crazy "the government is after me/the world is going to end" needs.  Truly a unique house built by pure paranoia.

By the way thanks to everyone who has commented in one way or another about why I havn't posted anything in a few days.. it's kinda nice knowing that people actually read this stuff.. --G

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