Pictures galore

TheAdventures.net is starting to really make me proud.  I just finished uploading 9 different photo albums (most of them are from a few years ago but they still rules the earth) and I'm getting pretty good at it.  I am starting to wish I had a fast upload connection.. but hey.. its free and the other day I was download at like 8MB/second.. so that rules!

Well that's it for now.. I've been staying up to late writing code for the website the last few days.. <-- well I guess that marks THE nerdiest thing I've ever done..  oh well who cares.. I love it. 


  1. Holy crap!!! Nice work on that site! Are you giving branden any tutorials? I wish my flash skills were that polished.

  2. well the pictures page looks nice. but i really can't really see you coding- just wasterbating in your room.

  3. Insider report Mark... G knows NOTHING about flash! HE USES TEMPLATES! THAT'S RIGHT, TEMPLATES!


Thanks for the comments.