Pete Wright waves goodbye to Microsoft

This is all taken from Pete Wright's personal blog.  He was one of microsoft's top code writers.  He had a lot of reasons for leaving but I think  a few things are interesting he said:

So, today I resigned my job, and completely ended my Microsoft career. I have taken a role as Director with a company at the leading edge of the “Web 2.0” curve. My team and I will write Ruby on Rails code, use Macintosh computers to do so, shun Microsoft technology completely, go to work in shorts and sandals and blast each other with nerf guns. My team is devoted to being the best it can be, to learning, to improving, to pushing boundaries. And it's not Microsoft.

I'm writing this on my Mac using NeoOffice Writer while the PC under my desk is, for the last time ever, removing Windows and all the trappings that go with it to install Ubuntu Linux. My Microsoft career is now officially over.

Hmm.. why does this ring a bell...

Microsoft don't innovate, in my opinion. Vista looks like a pile of crap compared to Mac OS X and Ubuntu with GLX. Their software is buggy, overpriced, and stress inducing. Their development tools are staid, designed and developed by committees to solve every problem you could ever conceive of, while being ideally suited to solving none.

Did you hear that?  Ouch...

The people that write code for a living with Microsoft technologies (by and large -= not all, and if you're reading a blog about coding then you're probably not included in this generalization) are day coders. They code to pick up a pay check – they have no passion, no drive, little talent and create environments filled with tedium and political bullshit.

Today, I've resigned to leave that world behind forever, and I couldn't be happier.

Microsoft are the new IBM, and Microsoft customers are just like the huge corporate suit wearing monoliths that bought into the whole IBM mirage back in the 70's and 80's. I don't want to work for IBM. I just want to write cool software with talented passionate people, and make a difference in the world. I want to push the boundaries again like I did in the 80's and early 90's. I want to have fun and come home with a smile and a hug for my wife and kids instead of trudging through the door burdened with stress induced by boredom and corporate ineptitude.

Good bye Microsoft. It's been emotional!

So in a nutshell.. top coder from microsoft denounces everything microsoft, calls vista a pile of crap, starts using a mac to write code.. for macs and other future technologies.  Well done man.. well done.


  1. macs rule. barf on microsoft!

  2. it'll just take a little time before this kind of stuff will be happening more regular. The new iMacs stack up very nicely to Dells for about the same price, and have you downloaded the latest iTunes... it pretty much rocks. Keep bringing us this news garit, I don't know where you get it, but keep it up.

  3. Good deal. I'll keep bringing my blog readers the low-down on exciting tech news.. lol

  4. shark attaaaaaackk !!! aaaAARRRGggh!!!


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