Rainbows and Gays

Freedom of opinion here I come...

So a lot of things in the world really bug me and this is one of them. I hate how something so beautiful and pure in nature has become a symbol of something so disgusting. Yes I'm talking about homosexuality. Why did they have to go and make the rainbow one of their stupid symbols. You know.. if you want to go against everything God/nature intended, go right a head.. throw away your precious gift of agency that you once fought so hard for. But you know what.. why don't you just leave the rest of the world alone. All of a sudden rainbows can't be cool to normal people. I'm so sick of your "gay rights" and your "gay pride". And another thing, people getting offended when I say that something is "gay" because its offensive to homosexuals! You know what.. they chose their own lifestyle.. they can deal with the consequences. For freak sake.. don't bother me about offending people that are offending everything that is good and pure in the world. No one would ever tell me to not say something that would offend a murderer or an adulterer...

Having said that.. here are some sweet pictures I took the other day.

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  1. were you tricked into going to a gay bar or somthing?

    garit, you can wear rainbow clothes and stuff if you want...

    just don't stand next to me.


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