Microsoft goes to Bolivia

I never thought the day would come.  Microsoft went to Sucre (one of sometimes 3 capitols in Bolivia) (which is also a part of my mission) on friday and introduced Windows in a new language...


It's one of 3 Indian dialects spoken in Bolivia.  (the other two are Aymara and Guarani) I honestly don't know what to think of this.  I can tell you that probably 90% of all the people in Bolivia that only speak quechua live in adobe huts with no telephone or address and dirt floors.  Most without electricity.  I think its cool but.. why?  It just doesn't make any sense.  Such a tiny minority.  There are a few other counties in Central and South America that speak Quechua or a close relative of Quechua like Quichua or Quiche but I'm sure its varied enough to be useless to any of these other people.  So why this select few in literally the middle of South America? 

Then again this wouldn't be the first time Microsoft did something completely brainless.


K'alla K'ama  <-- Quechua for "see you later"


  1. Dude. Let's be honest. Is any indian way out there in the middle of Bolivia going to need microsoft excel to help him count how many teeth he's lost? Or calculate how bad his wife smells? He'll just get spyware!

  2. I'm glad microsoft is giving indigenous bolivians the chance to run windows in their native tongue. now all they need is running water and electricity. oh yeah, and the hundreds of dollars neccesary to buy a computer. oh, and food. oh i forgot clothing, medicine, and shelter. maybe they'll just have internet cafe style carnecerias, and they can use the internet to look at dirty pictures while they wait for their baby goats to be slaughtered.


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