Linux Rules thats all there is to it!

Ok so.  I'm pretty much still a noob when it comes to linux.  I've installed a few distros.  Messed around here and there.  But today I decided to take it more seriously.  With all the viruses at my apartment and everything, Now is the perfect time to embrace lnux and drop microsoft like a box of rocks.

Check out this sweeti video and behold the power of linux xgl.



  1. This confused me. Is this all the actual OS, or is it a video that they've made? If it's all the OS, then it's pretty sweet. btw - my Mac can do alot of that stuff too.

  2. i'm glad they finally applied the same graphics engine from Quake into an operating system. I'm still going mac if I have to.

  3. Linux = No World of Warcraft.
    I would rather swallow a dead blow snake whole and vomit it out head first at someone I care about then switch to Linux. Even if the snake had AIDS. Windows is the only operating system I respect. All others are wallowing in obscurity for a reason. Microsoft is king! Macs are the royal dogs picking up table scraps! YOU ALL KNOW ITS TRUE SO STOP FIGHTING IT! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!


Thanks for the comments.