DIE "IE" DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No seriously! Internet explorer and even more importantly Windows XP service pack 2 NEEDS TO DIE!

I'm at work waiting for a computer to image (doing it from a USB HDD on a 1.0 port so its way slow) so I decide to login to blogger and post some crap about linux. So I did using IE. I finish up and click on spellcheck.. the little yellow "information bar" OF DEATH pops up with that little "bop" sound! NOOO it blocked the spellchecker.. and for some idiotic reason it blocks you from selecting text so I can't copy and paste my post! Im screwed!! .. maybe ill just do what it says and ill be ok.. right click "allow popups for this page" ... it did nothing.. crap.. I try again.. this time it says "always allow popups from blogger.com" whatever just do it.. "BOP" ! NOOO!! it reloads the page and I lose everything.. why in the ef does it do that?

Screw microsoft forever! I can't wait till google and linux flush you down the toilet.


  1. that happens to me at work. is there a way to get rid of service pack 2? i accidentally updated nat's laptop with it.

  2. why aren't you using firefox?

  3. I am using firefox, when I am using my computer at home or at my office. How ever when this took place.. I was far from my office doing work elsewhere in my department. Thus the IE tradegy..


Thanks for the comments.