Crazy Lighting Video!

Ode to lightning!

I started hearing some thunder so I went outside to roll up my windows on the truck when I saw this bizarre and totally sweet storm cell sweeping across the valley and SO LOW too! I got the camera out and took a few shots before the rain hit HARD. I took 2 video clips. This is the second one.. gosh this is sweet.. watch the beginning a few times you can see the lightning right in front of me..

Download it here --> lightning.avi

Or check it out here from good ole youtube.. (this version is a crappier compressed version.. It looks tons better if you download it.)

I love this stuff!

Check out these pics. This storm was cool.. it was moving FAST.

ok these 2 were taken less than an hour later.. weird..

These are just a bunch of pics from later in the day..


  1. GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

  2. Hi, thank for the comment on my blog, i see the video... wow you are very lucky, it was very close!
    Nice blog, nice photo ;)


Thanks for the comments.