Today was davy's bachelor party. Probably not your typical event not even by utah standards..

300 rounds of hot leaded .44 mag and 9mm bullets ripping through light bulbs, coolers, phone books, basketballs, cans of paint, buckets and gatorade bottle with a mysterious green liquid...

so yeah.. we had some guns-a-blazin style fun before the rain chased us away. Actually brandon made a kite out of sticks, duck tape, a plastic bag, and electrical tape! It was kinda cool.

After the fun we went over to Iggy's sports bar for some good eats.

here are some highlights...

I just realized I am in none of these. I think its because I didn't want to let go of my new camera. (I absolutely love it by the way! I can tell its a big difference from the last one)

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  1. Branden's burger looks gross man. Like a bun with diaper filling. Good times. Any word from Davy? nope? get used to it. LOL


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