New place...

So.. I moved to my new apartment yesterday. Even though moving is such a big pain.. I kinda like it.. mostly for 2 reasons. I love hooking up all my speakers (surround sound/computer) and just designing how everything will fit look and of coure sound. For example.. the first thing I did to my room was setup the computer at the desk and then possision the speakers behind me(I have 2 large tower loud speakers that I use for my computer pushed by a reciver. oh and the reason I put them behind me was becuase of where the desk is.. there is no room for giant speakers.. which is fine cuz I really like having them behind me for some reason. so I set up a sort of battle station looking thing.. its pretty cool.. but its only temporary till I can get some longer cable or a better idea. (wish I had a camera to show you..) anyway thats it for now..

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