One of my favorite things is discovering music. So here's the story. I was walking past the "outdoor adventure" place at UVSC (as I always do to get to my office). And I noticed a totally sweet kayaking video and it just sucked me right in.. by the time I walked away I was convinced I was born to be a hardcore kayaker... luckily it wore off soon after I walked outside and could only think of how hot it was out there..

but anyway.. I remembered hearing a cool song on the video.. the chorus was something like "losing my fear of heights..." so I tried to remember it as I walked back to my office.. singing it over and over in my head.. (this is a must for someone as A.D.D as I am.. especially as I walk past all the motorcycles by my office!)

Anyway I google the chorus and the very first hit is this garageband site http://www.garageband.com/song?%7Cpe1%7CS8LTM0LdsaSkYVi2YWk

Almost instantly I fell in love with this site. Within an hour I had downloaded about 50 songs and 200 megs worth of music. And its all good. I would have been glad to just find out who the band was but I found out that they were an unknown band on this cool site.. and that a few songs were free to download. Now I've got a cool plug into a ton of like bands and in many category's of music.

Anyway.. check it out and happy hunting.


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