Just to catch up

So I got a job at UVSC and it rocks. I realized that im on a 2 years on 2 years off schedule with them. I worked there 2 years during high school. then 2 years off for the mission. 2 years back again afterwards. then I left to work for Prudential for almost a year. Had a bunch of jobless fun for another year and now im back.. possibly for another 2 years. So anyway.. so far I love the job and have a great boss. Everything is great!

Still dating Barbara. So that’s good.

As far as school goes... I think im gonna take a fencing class this fall. How cool is that!? I have always wanted to do something like that. Im sure im gonna get the crap kicked out of me by some girl who went to the Olympics or something. But it will be great anyway.

That’s about all I can think of for now.

oh how about a picture...

this one is truly ugly. and I love it. Barbara hates it, in fact im sure she'll be mad at me when she sees this. but as for the rest of you.. enjoy...

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