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So I have been having some fun programming HTML in wordpad. I haven't done jack with HTML since Jr high! But anyway I've been plugging away a bit on the main page. (although you probably can't tell I made any changes) The next step is to bring the pictures back on-line. I'm getting close. Then I gotta figure out how I want to put all the videos on there. *yikes*

So yeah.. here it is.. the greatest time of the week Friday night! The time where I have the least cares in the world and the time where I get to sleep in as long as I'd like. Life is good.

Oh great news. I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a long long time. And trust me you'll never guess. I took my first steps towards becoming a blender master. I went to costco and got a bunch of frozen fruit and stuff for smoothies. I have made a few batches already and I could not be happier. I should have been doing this for years. So I'm gonna try and make something in the blender every morning before work. That will be sweet.

I guess thats it for now.

Here are a few random pics taken today.

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