Eulogy of a loved one...

Today is a sad day indeed. The passing of a friend is never easy. As I was on my way back from lunch I walked through the parking and more specifically the part of the lot where all the motorcycles park (as I often do) when I noticed a totally sweet addition to a brand new Honda shadow.. something I've never seen. It was a little pad with velcro on it with a little wire hookup and then these sweet lookin inconspicuous speakers. (probably for an iPod [which I hate but it was still cool anyway]) So I instinctively reached for my Canon PowerShot SD300 DIGITAL ELPH And as I pulled it out and was readying to capture the moment; I beheld to my utter shock and horror the LCD screen had a big gruesome rip in it. I could see the backlight but there was no life in it. So here is the last picture my dear friend will ever take. Thank you my friend... for all the good times we've had...


Smelter or light house?

Yesterday was a weird day. We decided to go to "The smelter" its right across from saltair which is right next to the great salt lake. Till yesterday I had never been to any of these places. So.. saltair is pretty cool.. I don't know what it is.. at all. All I could tell is that it was a pretty cool place in its time. I saw a lot of cool old black and white pictures for sale in the gift shop. But now that's all it is really.. a gift shop and a place for people to rave. (kid you not as we were walking into that place a half naked chick walked up to us and asked "are you guys here for the rave?") anyway, the great salt lake is not as cool as it once seemed to be in those old pictures I saw. Its just nasty.. nasty smell.. and I kid you not I saw about 200 dead birds on my walk to the water.. it was weird.. and these were not wussy little birds you see in trees and on telephone lines. They were bigger birds that you might see around lakes and rivers. And then.. the weirdest part of it all was.. I get to the shoreline and there are swarms and swarms of these small bugs.. seriously like.. little black clouds of em.. the way they moved was really interesting.. almost in rhythm with the waves on the beach.. it was sick. so yeah.. if you can get passed all that.. it can really be a pretty place when the sun is setting. I got few pics. Its big enough to look like the ocean at parts.. anyway so the let down was... we could get no where near the gigantic smelter ... thing. But the area around it was pretty cool. I took a bunch of pictures of weird facilities that reminded me of things I've seen in James bond movies. Then we went to the airport.. and .. nothing happened. So that was my saturday. Oh yeah.. and while I was there poking around the lake.. some torrist oriental folk asked me if the smelter was a light house.. I resisted the urge to laugh and told em what it was... bless their little weirdo hearts..


HyperText Markup Language

So I have been having some fun programming HTML in wordpad. I haven't done jack with HTML since Jr high! But anyway I've been plugging away a bit on the main page. (although you probably can't tell I made any changes) The next step is to bring the pictures back on-line. I'm getting close. Then I gotta figure out how I want to put all the videos on there. *yikes*

So yeah.. here it is.. the greatest time of the week Friday night! The time where I have the least cares in the world and the time where I get to sleep in as long as I'd like. Life is good.

Oh great news. I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a long long time. And trust me you'll never guess. I took my first steps towards becoming a blender master. I went to costco and got a bunch of frozen fruit and stuff for smoothies. I have made a few batches already and I could not be happier. I should have been doing this for years. So I'm gonna try and make something in the blender every morning before work. That will be sweet.

I guess thats it for now.

Here are a few random pics taken today.


Just to catch up

So I got a job at UVSC and it rocks. I realized that im on a 2 years on 2 years off schedule with them. I worked there 2 years during high school. then 2 years off for the mission. 2 years back again afterwards. then I left to work for Prudential for almost a year. Had a bunch of jobless fun for another year and now im back.. possibly for another 2 years. So anyway.. so far I love the job and have a great boss. Everything is great!

Still dating Barbara. So that’s good.

As far as school goes... I think im gonna take a fencing class this fall. How cool is that!? I have always wanted to do something like that. Im sure im gonna get the crap kicked out of me by some girl who went to the Olympics or something. But it will be great anyway.

That’s about all I can think of for now.

oh how about a picture...

this one is truly ugly. and I love it. Barbara hates it, in fact im sure she'll be mad at me when she sees this. but as for the rest of you.. enjoy...

.. the final frontier ..

And yes.. pun intended...

So the other day we reached a new threshold of whats called "artsy"

This is the product thereof... behold!

Something new

As I was running around with barbara and annette yesterday I found a new way to have fun with my camera.  I was in the back seat with the window down and just started taking rapid fire black and white pictures... most of them didn't focus right i'll be honest but after a few tries they started looking alright.  This is one that I liked.  I turned about 14 pictures into this one .gif.  Sorry if it takes a minute to load, it may be kinda big.

Axe n' fish

Ok this is totally sweet!  Me and Branden were trying to figure out what we wanted to do tonight when all of a sudden the idea was said and instantly embraced!  We will go up AF canyon and chop wood and go fishing.  (here is why.. branden and dan have decided they like to go fishing.. I am staying true to my beliefs... which are.. I think fishing is about the most boring thing on earth.. however.. chopping the holy freak out of the remnant of a tree with a brand new axe I got at Wal-Mart... very fun!)  So we loaded my truck full of wood.. went up to the lake.. branden fished.. and I chopped wood.  An off duty cop came by and was like "so.. I notice you're chopping wood" and I said.. "why yes I am" and he flashed his badge and said.. "well I cant let you build a fire here because its illegal" and Im like "well.. as weird as this may be.. I am just chopping wood.  Im not planing on making a fire.. I just need something to do because I hate fishing!"  so he laughed and walked away... lol

anyway here are some pics.. there are some good videos.. Ill try and get one up in the video section...  enjoy..

My fam in southern utah

Nothing to interesting here unless you're my family.  Some cool pictures of where my grandparents live though.  (middle of no where arizona)  The pictures you see from the middle of the road in both directions is the main road of the town.. and there is nothing on it.. its pretty cool. 

Timpanogos Cave

Me Barbara and some family went up to the Timpangos caves today... I havn't been there in years so it was pretty fun.  It's cool to see a cave thats been preserved so well.  Anyway... some good shots of the mountains too.  Enjoy...

Canyon pics with the padres

    Went up the canyon the other day and took a few pics with my mom and dad.  They are down for a few days from Virginia.  Check em out if you wanna.

MAC pics

Ok.. the new iMac has something called photobooth.  It is awesome.. and this is why!  Every time I see one of these sweet machines I always take a bunch of these to scare anyone that happens to walk by after me... I want a mac just for this one program!


Annette's party

This is just a few pics from Annette's birthday party the other night. Branden was the DJ it was pretty fun.  You can click em and download em too.


Green Eyed Monster

These pics are from a while ago.. but this is the green eyed monster cave.  Which is actually inside an old mine.  The entire cave is a made up of green calcite that's been deposited over a long period of time.  Its cool because when you put your light up against it, it sort of glows green.. like kryptonite.  Anyway.. check out some of the pics.

Escalante trip!

This was the best trip of 04 by far!  Did a lot of plodding through the desert and dodging cactususen!  Ended up at hole in the rock lake Powell.  Lots of sunburn too!

fishing.. hmm

So we went fishing the other day.. dan got one.. I brought an axe along but never got to use it...  I swear to you.. why is fishing so boring?  I last went fishing when I was very young... I caught 2 fish.. we ate them.. and I totally choked on a bone.  I don't think fishing will ever be fun for me unless I get to use a baseball bat, an axe or a gun!

Anyway.. here are the pics.