Post # 147 is special...

And its all becuase 10 minutes ago I did something brave. 10 minutes ago I did something liberating.

I sold my wow account.

Im 70 bucks richer and feeling like a new man. No more lfg gnomer! No more wts [tin bar] x40. No more lf someone to open a lock box. No more freaking chuck norris in barrens chat. No more ninja's. No more grinding. No more saving for a mount. No more playing the AH. No more NOOBS. No more wow...........

Well on to bigger and better things. I want to build some stuff. Learn some stuff. And find better use of my time. See you in RL.

I think im gonna log...


The next space race...

The race to see who can put a base on the moon first and start mining helium-3 is on. Who will win? And what does that mean for us?

more on this later...


I wish i had a camera that could do high FPS

cool video nic sent me

I want to try this so bad!


I don't care about james kim

OK sad things happen everyday. It's not hard to find a sad story in the newspaper or on the TV or anywhere.. but do I have to be blasted with the same story over and over in my news feeds? Holy crap.. I don't care! If I have to read one more headline that says anything about james kim I'm going to completely flip out and go crazy.


Because of Davy's comment...

I've been inspired to post this song..


Too many ass-faces in the world

Im sorry but I just can't take it any more..

I'm driving around orem trying to find a DVD i've been wanting to see and I ended up in the parking lot of efy or what ever.. and so I get to that secion of road right in front of the store and I turn left and slow down becuase of people wanting to cross IN A CROSS WALK there were 2 of them! And this freaking idiot in some car obviously mad that I got in fron of him and had to slow down, starts honking at me. And this wasnt just a *honk* hi im just letting you know im here so you dont back into me.. it was a *HOOOONK* Hi I'm the ASS-FACE of all ASS-FACES! Then as soon as he can he rips off into the parking lot going going way too fast and gets in front of everybody.. what a jackass... I hope his engin blows up and he burns to death slowly..

Weird Spam

The other day I was going through my work email's spam filter when I noticed a new flavor.  There was about 4-5 email that looked similar and on closer inspection they all in fact had one thing in common.  At first I thought they all quoted the A&E movie special "Pride and Prejudice" But I think its actually the novel by Jane Austen.  They are sort of cut up into small segments.. see if you can pick them out.

Here is one such email:

Time Received: 11/19/06 09:51:22
From: "Alvaro Lilly" <AlvaroLilly@etnyre.com>
Subject: orange rust new-apparel
View Message View Source View Bayesian Breakdown

entered the library, "oh! mr. bennet, you are wanted immediately; we are all in an uproar. you must

"i am perfectly ready, i assure you, to keep my engagement; and when your sister is recovered,

beauty; and more than once during dinner did mr. bennet say voluntarily to elizabeth:

"what, is he coming home, and without poor lydia?" she cried. "sure he will not leave london

best of them were of the present party; but mr. wickham was as far beyond them all in person,

as soon as mr. bennet were dead. she complained bitterly of all this to her husband.

"if you were aware," said elizabeth, "of the very great disadvantage to us all which must arise

discover the number of the hackney coach which took them from clapham. it had come with a fare

"my ideas flow so rapidly that i have not time to express them-by which means my letters

"there is a gentleman with him, mamma," said kitty; "who can it be?"

and me are such friends!) and so she asked the two harringtons to come, but harriet was ill, and so

county without impunity, and rob it of a few petrified spars without his perceiving me."

"lizzy, i bear you no ill-will for being justified in your advice to me last may, which,

better feelings than you are supposing. they have known her much longer than they have known me;

be delayed. imprudent as the marriage between mr. wickham and our poor lydia would be, we are

among the cluster of red coats there assembled, a doubt of his being present had never occurred to her.

a very short distance of her, quite disengaged, he never came near enough to speak. she felt it to be the

accuse him of but pride; pride he probably had, and if not, it would certainly be imputed by the

"i cannot see why mrs. forster should not ask me as well as lydia," said she, "though i am not

and every turning expected to bring it in view. the palings of rosings park was their boundary on one


Anyway.. I prefer this over male enhancement spam anyday!


Catching up on interesting things as of late...

First lets start off with a cool video. Nothing like nerds who like fire.

This would be fun to play with.. lets just be honest.

Ok now for an interesting story I read the other day. There is a movie theater chain that has started a new trend. Pagers are a interesting technology. They started out as a cheap alternative to a cell phone.. then cell phone took over.. so pagers starting piling into restaurants and stores as a way to keep you place in line without being in line..

And now they are coming to a movie theater near you.. but not in a way you think. These little guys were invented to help morons and idiots alike get booted out of a movie for talking on a cell phone. Here's how it works.. employees will hand out these nifty little pagers as you enter the movie theater and find your seats.. The pager has 4 buttons: the first "alerts theater managers about a disruption in the audience, such as a fight over a cell phone" <-- I guess this is a major problem in some places.. haven't heard of this happening in Utah though.. The other buttons are for problems with the projection, sound or temperature.

I think this is a cool idea. It would make it so you don't have to run out and track down an employee to fix something.. and I also like the idea of having an eject button for those morons who talk during movies.. pushing that button actually sends in a squad to pounce on them. So.. if it works.. that would be awesome.. Anyway here is the article..

Oh just by way of announcement.. I'm trying to sell my Ruger.. If you know anyone who wants a totally sweet revolver let me know.

Ok moving on.. but on the subject of guns.. I introduce you now to something hilarious.. Its called "seasoned shot" it Shoots, Kills, Seasons.

Now for a healthy does of cosmic discovery and possibly the coolest lightning in the solar system... Saturn has been in the news a lot lately. What's that you say.. "what the crap news are you seeing?" Ok.. so maybe its been in the nerd news a lot lately.. anyway.. I don't care who you are space is cool!! So keep reading! Lets talk about Saturn's rings for a sec.

They are ice and dust and they are interestingly still very young.. well cosmically speaking anyway. The rings span about 170,000 miles! and are on average under 150 ft thick! That can be compared to something thinner than a piece of tissue paper spread across a football field! That's just cool to me. Anyway.. so the thing I wanted to get to was this.. Scientists now speculate smudges that sometimes appear in Saturn's rings, then quickly disappear, could be caused by massive strokes of lightning or meteor strikes. I of course don't believe that later.

The report says "If the theory is right, these faint features are the signature of awesome events: lightning strokes ten thousand times more energetic than those on Earth, releasing beams of electrons that surge up from Saturn's surface to whack into the rings and blast out jets of electrically charged dust."

As for the smudges being the result of meteor strikes "It's implausible that several meteorites would strike the rings in the same place in close succession."

The reports are very speculative because no one has seen these types of storms on Saturn. But the idea of massive electron beams rising from the planet's surface is reminiscent of science fiction novels and would be truly amazing to see.

Well I guess that's it for now...



YouTube Google Video.. bla bla bla.. here is the newest member to the internet video sharing waste your time club.


The thing I like about Soapbox is .. pure unadulterated image quality.  It's the best.. and therefore.. I think I will use if for posting my stuff.. cuz im lazy and don't want to mess with the hundreds of videos that I have taken.


And yeah it is Microsoft.. but hey.. the best is the best.  And we all know Microsoft is not the best in everything.. lol


Machu Picchu

I have always wanted to go to Machu Picchu.. I have been to Peru but I didnt get to do this 4 day hike to one of the coolest places on earth. Maybe someday...


I had no idea...

Freak.. i can't believe we arent seeing more crap like this happen.. there are sooo many laptops out there. And they are only getting more and more popular.. UVSC is debating to even have computer labs anymore just becuase of there are soo many students with laptops... yikes. I didnt know this kind of fire/explosion was even possible.



Finally!  Something cool to put on your fridge.




winter sucks part 2

Utah weather is always weird.  I really enjoyed the summer weather in november we had for a few days.. made working on my truck a whole lot easier.  Anyway its back to cold and today was the first day I had to scrape my windows.. here is a pic.. yuck.. im not excited for a whole winter of this..


Walking to work

so.. I got a flat tire the other day.  And it was a nightmare to get fixed.. cuz I didn't have any tools.  Now I do.. and instead of taking 3 days to get the job done.. next time it will only take 5 min.  that's all I want to say about that.

so I walked to work a few days and It was nice because the weather was freakishly nice and warm.  I was able to take a couple pics on my journey.


this first one is interesting because it barley shows the nasty smog or what ever it was those few days.  there on the mountain you can see it the best.  Nasty stuff.  Not sure if this was due to all the fires in California or if its inversion or if its just pollution.. blech..


This I just thought was cool.. I'm surprised at how many trains go by on these tracks.  What is being transported on these so much?  From where to where?  Who knows.. trains are cool.

Catching up finally...

***Posted the pics from the car wreck***

So the other day I witnessed a massive 5-7 car accident on state street right in front of Barbara's apartment parking lot. I was changing her oil and filter when all of a sudden I start hearing breaking.. I look over and see that a truck is just sitting there in the middle lane.. and then people just started slamming into each other. It was a scary sight. Everyone was ok.. I ran down there to see if I could help.. the girl in the red car was pretty banged up.. legs will be bruised for a long time.. but I think she will be ok.. ugh.. it was bad.

So here’s the thing that really bugged me about that day. It was a bad accident yes, but why do people come in flocks to gawk at stuff like this.. I kid you not there were like a hundred people there before long just standing there watching. Van full after van full of people just started showing up in Barbara's parking lot.. and people just standing around.. Judas..

Anyway.. So going back to Oct 30th now.. Me and Barbara's day-o-fun celebration of our dating for a year. (technically Nov. 2nd is the year mark) So we had the best food we ever had when we went to Denny’s that morning. And they gave us free cheesecake because it was slow service or something.. it was nice. Anyway.. Barbara got us tickets (and sweet on the floor great seats tickets I might add) to the blue man group concert in Salt Lake. So we went down early and went to the gateway mall and shopped around and had fun.. don't think we bought anything besides when we went into the chocolate factory though.. lol Then for dinner we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. It was good food but I don’t think either of us were that hungry from the chocolate and the food from Denny’s.. but I was able to impress Barbara with my big mouth and how I can eat a pizza slice in 3 bites.. lol Then we scampered off to the delta center for the concert. We were surprised at how good it was. Tracy Bonham or T-bo as she likes to be called.. <-- weird.. was really good.. she came on stage first and was rocking out with her violin and guitar and her mad vocals. Also it was cool cuz they had this scrolling marquee the whole time that was saying all this funny stuff. It was very entertaining.. lots of new stuff that wasn’t in other shows. Me and Barbara had a great time.

(sadly I didn’t bring my camera because I was under the impression that they would take it away from me If I tried to bring it in.. so I have no pictures from that night)

So we have been dating for over a year now.. and its great. I've never dated anyone longer than a few short months so this is like a miracle for me. I just want to say Barbara I think you are incredible and beautiful! Thanks for dating me! And for cleaning my house so I’ll pass my cleaning checks! You are amazing! I can’t believe its been a year already.. I guess it seems like it hasn’t been that long but at the same time it feels like we have been together forever. Here’s to us sweetie!

In other news, I’ve decided to sell some things and try a new approach to finances.. lol

  • I'm selling my guitar. (as Davy said "this is a sad day for rock and roll" its true but im just being honest with myself. I know exactly what it would take to learn the guitar and I honestly know Im not up for it.. at least not right now and probably not ever. *tear*)
  • Im getting rid of my gun as well. (I love my gun but I think I need the money and I actually want something different. I've had my fun and now its time for some new fun.. well.. when I get money to build or buy. I want something like this..

It's an old Shenandoah County Virginia replica of a black powder mussel loader from the 1800's.

Well I guess that's it for now.. check back later for those pictures!!!


New song

Well this song is 2 years old already.. and technically tears for fears made it originally even longer ago.. but... its one of my recent favs. Check it out

Gary Jules - Mad World Download it here or play it right here from my blog.. just hit play.


I promise ill get caught up on my blogging soon.. I don't know what my deal is.. until then.. check out branden's video he made of all the clips from our lastest adventure..



The latest Adventure

Well it starts off with us getting pulled over when we've got guns ammo fireworks and who knows what else in the car with us.. oh well.. that didnt stop us from having fun tonight... lol

im tired so ill only post a few then get the rest up tomorrow..

heres my fav of tonight.. taken from a video..

The idiot standing there is me.


0 - 1 BYU

Today was going along smoothly and rather fantastically until someone popped into my office saying I was needed to take back a video my boss rented to the LRC at BYU. I thought to myself

"sure. I can just swing down to BYU, drop it off then get me a jaydog while I‘m there and be back in time for tea."

What actually happened was this..

Parking = nightmare. Finally I found a spot but the 2 bone heads on either side of it had parked over the line and all jacked.. so.. after careful planning I backed into it and was off, already wishing I hadn't accepted what I as yet didn’t know was mission impossible.

Next was finding the right building.. then finding the actual entrance.. Judas.. would it kill someone to put up a few sign's to first tell you what building it is.. and then to put them near the entrance and not on the other side where all you can do is look at people through the window like a dufus wondering how the eff you get into the building..

Finally I was in the right building.. next obstacle.. getting to the right floor. I tried the elevator in what I guess is a lobby.. I walk over to where the buttons are and there are no up arrow's to push... ok.. so I stand there like an idiot... I know I’m supposed to get to the 4th floor.. the elevator just told me that I was on the 3rd floor.. so I walk away again feeling like an idiot.. I walk till I find some stairs... YES.. I hurry up to the 4th floor.

Again.. no signs telling me anything useful.. so blindly I venture in... nothing but rows and rows of books.. everyone is quiet and clicking away on their laptops.. the feeling that I really shouldn’t be here peaks. After much awkward searching (let me paint you a picture.. you walk down a hall or peak down a row of something only to see a dead-end or something and then quickly reverse.. all the while you know there are at least a handful of people watching your every move thinking "oh man.. look at that poor fool.. doesn’t know where he’s going in life.. ) I finally find a sign that says LRC and an arrow.. I quicken my pace in that direction.. I made it! I thankfully find the drop box quickly and get rid of the goods.. the deed is done.. now lets get a hotdog..

but wait.. your journey isn’t over.. now you have to find a way out of this stupid building..

Instantly I found myself utterly lost.. and pissed about it. I follow every exit sign I see only to be greeted with this message "Emergency Exit Only" "Alarm will sound upon opening of this door" I kid you not this happened more times than I want to admit! I’ve tried every floor.. only to be met with more and more failure. I’m angry at existence.. and now I have a burning need to pee. I am about to scream out "will someone tell me how the HELL to get out of this building!?!?!?!?" somehow I keep my cool and resist the urge to scream... what seems like forever (you know how it is when you gotta pee.. everything takes an eternity) I found the same stairs I used to get to the forsaken 4th floor.. I make my escape with a silent oath: “I’m never ever coming back to this awful place...”


ugh... Winter... Again..

Winter needs to leave me alone for a year or 2..

So today was a weird day. On the way to work I saw that there had been a terrible accident involving a few cars and someone on a bicycle. It would be a good guess that someone didn't make it home today. It's so sad. Usually I'm not that effect by these kind of accidents.. call me cruel or what ever but I'm just not. But today it was different.. I just felt bad about the lives this accident would effect and change.

Then as I'm pulling into work I noticed the first snow of winter starting to hit my windshield.. and when it comes to snow.. and I'm not one of those people who look forward to the snow.. in fact.. I loathe it. It's hard on cars.. It sucks to get up early and scrap the windows.. And get blasted by the cold every time you go outside.. and it's hard on my already jacked up feet..

oh well.. what can you do...

Angela's wedding was a beautiful one. I am very glad I was able to be there. It was fun to see all those people that I haven't seen in a while.. It was also really cool to have Barbara there with me.. She really helped me not feel like a total loser. lol.. Thanks babe!


I measured my living room again and was happy to find out that I've got ample room for the projector.  I can say that i'll easily be able to achieve a 10 foot projected screen on the wall.  Joy...

This is my stand and always will be

You all have known me.  You all know how I feel about downloading music.  I know there are many people who don't share my views.. like branden.  (no offense bro.. we're still cool right?.. good.)  Anyway I'd like to point out that there is more going on than you think.  Here is an article from a musician's point of view.  And don't think that he is the only one who think like that.  There are many.  True there are others with almost the exact opposite opinion like Metallica.. but lets be honest.. they are idiots.  And even they are starting to come around.

The Internet will never be controlled.  You have 2 choices.  Either embrace it and use it to your benefit.  Like many intelligent people already have and are.  Or you can go hide yourself in a closet with all the other ignoramuses and cry foul play till you're blue in the face.  Either way I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing and so will the majority.


projector updates

cant wait!!! these are the latest screenshots of the LL PJ in action.

Click on the images to see a bigger size. They only have about 500 of em the first round and i think around 2000 at least want one.. so.. we will see what happens.. i hope i get one.

And by the way.. the screen you are seeing here is just a tad over 9 ft from corner to corner. It's big!



remember how I posted that superman comic a few posts down well i had no idea it was worth $440,000 !!

Action Comics #1
Published in June of 1938, the first issue of Action Comics marked the original appearance of Superman.
Approximate Value (In "near mint" condition):
$440,000 USD.


Motorcycle Gear

 So.. Motorcycles.  I still want one.  I've been looking at helmets and jackets a bit lately.  These are my choices on helmets so far.  I wish I could like make a poll or something where everyone could vote.. oh well..

I really can't decide between this one or ...

this one.


I think they are both great.. now as far as jackets.. I'm a little more lost.  but here are a bunch of examples.. I tried to find some that had orange in em to kinda match the helmet but then if I get the yellow one.. bla.. i don't know.. anyway..



Now the reason for the helmet and jacket!  The Bike.  I think I've decided that i don't want anything 1000cc or over.. I had a 750cc last year and It was great.. I think anything from the 750cc-900cc would be perfect!  I had a Honda ace shadow deluxe (American classic) last summer and I loved it.  But I don't care too much if its a different brand.  Not really into Harley's cuz I think you have to pay a serious premium for the name.  Anyway.. something like this would be sweet.