Geez.. this is harder than it looks.

After reading all you guyses blogs im feeling like mine is really missing the mark. Heres the deal.. you guys have cool names.. like.. "Medium" or "Something else" mine is .. "Garit's Photo Journal" And another thing.. I dont have a secret name.. I'v already blown my cover in the blog title. You guys are frigging hilarious! I'm still cracking up at "Fish SARS" so im not sure what to do..

Maybe.. I'll have to find some kind of free online picture deal and use this for a more creative outlet.

So anyway.. this is a pledge to step it up a notch.


  1. its about freaking time you take things up a notch! geez man.

  2. Hi Garit! This was actually really funny to read. I read V's blog all the time but since he hasn't posted for a while I was reading his comments to see if he had maybe mentioned why on there...but I saw your comment and decided to check out your blog. I look forward to more and feel free to check out mine...but it's not public so if you're interested, either ask V about my blog URL or send me an email at valeriehunter7@hotmail.com :o)


Thanks for the comments.