5 hours in the ER and I dont even care!

So heres the deal I've had a sore throat for like 3 weeks.. so I’m sick of it.. and I just moved here so I don’t have a doctor.. So.. My only choice is the local hospital ER. So I go there.. Fill out the "im a first timer here" paper work. 2 hours later they take me into (oh not so fast all the rooms were full so..) the hallway! I sit down on a chair facing the big double doors I just came through. Now during the next 3 hours a lady with a blood pressure machine on wheels checks my blood 3 times and another lady shoved a 10'' cotton swab down my throat. Doctor finally comes and says.. "you don’t mind talking about your problems out there do you?" "no of course not" I said.. why they heck would that bother me.. I think to my self.. !? Anyway he says the strep test was a negative lets try some blood work I bet you have mono. I’m thinking mono? Isn’t that something you get from kissing other mono people! Great.. so while another chick is siphoning away my blood I ask her in a polite way how much this is gonna cost me. She says.. I don’t know.. Do you have insurance? And I’m like actually no.. I just moved here and I haven’t started working yet.. and she’s like well.. Hey.. (Then this other lady comes over) perfect timing. I schmoozed her over enough that she took pity on me and told me that the hospital would cover everything on my bill today.. And not only that.. She had me sign some stuff that made my next visits to ANY hospital free for the next 6 months! How cool is that.. !?

Moral of the story is.. Schmooze the old ladies at the hospital.. You might get hooked up with more than just a catheter! Heck schmooze anyone you can.. I say!

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