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I think I found the coolest thing on the internet. So I had to share it with you all.



Ruger N' Skull

Something amazing happened a few days ago. Dan got a gun. And has therefore joined the forces of Ruger N' Skull. Here are a few pics from this eventful day.


So I’m back in Utah now. Home sweet home. So here’s an update on "the adventures..." of my life as of late.

I moved back a few days ago with nothing but two small duffle bags of clothes and my backpack with my bathroom stuff and electronics (Minidisc, camera, and PDA...)

A friend of mine gave me a mattress to sleep on for awhile till I can get myself all back together. (get a job, buy a car, find a place to live) That sounds like a mouthful and it is but I haven’t been worried about it so much until now...

Story time...

I've sort of been barrowing my sisters car for the last few days. (She is the greatest person in the world. If you’re reading this leech, I love you) So two days ago I stayed over night at a friends house cuz we were playing warcraft (yeah I know what your thinking... but that’s another blog for another day...) so anyway we wake up late the next day and want breakfast so we hop in my sisters car to get a bagel. Now let me explain that it was a very cold very snowy and miserable yet typical Utah winter morning. So its nasty weather and we stop at a red-light on state street and notice that there had been a small wreck to the right of us and two guys were swapping info. As one of the guys was walking back to his car my friend noticed the look on the guys face and muttered what he knew the guy was thinking "Dang it!" We had a good laugh as we took turns imitating what this guy was thinking till the light change. Not more than 2 minutes pass when we find ourselves turning into the barking lot, or sliding rather straight into a curb just inside the parking lot. We weren’t going any faster than 5-10 miles an hour but that was enough to render the car utterly useless. I couldn’t believe it. My sister had been so kind as to lend her car to me and there I stood in the snow with nothing on my feet but a pair of flips next to a car that had a broken axle. Well we leave the car where it was and head off to breakfast. After a very good ham and cheese panini I make a few phone calls. Actually quite a few phone calls. I finally found a tow guy and a repair shop to take it to. Then I run into another problem. I have no cash for the tow guy. So I and my buddy trek it to the nearest gas station. As I’m screaming into the wind in a non girlish way due to the utter cold I’m experiencing in my feet my friend starts retelling the pioneer crossing the plains stories… Anyway we make it to the gas station and find an ATM. We walk outside and get picked up by the driver of the tow truck. After about 30 min in the snow trying to get the car on the bed of the truck I pay the man and watch it drive away.

So yeah. 500 bucks later. All is well. And I figure I was lucky. It probably could have cost much more.

So now for some pictures. The plane ride over was really cool. Lots of cool cloud stuff going on. One of the pictures was taken just above the clouds over Salt Lake and the other is cool because you can see a mountain range poking through a bit. The others are of me and my Girlfriend who I’m missing badly right now. Enjoy…


Dude.. driving across the US really bites.

So a friend came to me a few days ago wondering if I would help him drive his whole family (10 kids. Imagine puking, screaming, fighting and all else that comes with 10 kids in a 15 passenger van) from Virginia to Utah. At first I was like "uh yeah.. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a stick" but after a moment I was convinced it would be a good idea. We left Thursday night and 22 hours later we were in Kearney Nebraska. We stayed the night and left the next morning, got to Utah Saturday night. It was cool to hang out with my sister and see my friends again and eat some Utah food I've been missing. I actually missed having Betos around for any late night cravings! Then Friday, back on the road. We didn’t get far into Wyoming when the snow and wind was so bad they shut down the freeway for the whole state. So we stayed in a hotel somewhere in Rawlins I think. Next morning back on the road we travel all the way to Davenport Iowa it was after midnight when we checked into a hotel. That night I went for a walk to a nearby gas station and picked up a small bag of chips and a half gallon jug of eggnog! (And thus I tasted the first fruits of the season! I love eggnog!) Next day (this was Sunday so yesterday I guess) we drive the rest of the way home arriving in Virginia at about 1:00am this morning. I spent the night there at my buddy’s house and here I now sit back home at 11:30am eastern time.

My conclusion is that the US is big. But not that big, this is the second time I’ve driven from Utah to the east coast and back. If you ever have the choice, take the 6 hour plane ride!

note: sorry for not posting in a while I’ve been busy with all kinds of things and my computer and I are now on opposite side of the continent so I wont be posting much till I get back to Utah! Well... that’s not true… I probably just wont have any pictures on it for a while.


North Carolina Trip...

So I just got back from North Carolina to visit my Girlfriend. She is the greatest! If you're reading this Barbara let me tell you how glad I am to be dating you. You are wonderful in so many ways and I just don't derserve you! Thanks for being in my life! So it was a blast we went to this "hanging rock" deal at some park were we took pictures and had lunch. It was a lot of fun meeting Dave and Tricia. They are both great people. It was nice of them to let me stay over. They took good care of me (fed me well too) anyway here are a few of the pictures...


And so it began...

The start of a wonderful relationship. I heart you sweetie.


This is where I sleep.

It’s getting close to 2 years now that I've been sleeping in a hammock. Before that I slept in a waterbed. They say water beds are bad for your back but I never had pain and now I can say that hammocks are even better. I sleep on a bed, I wake up with pain. I sleep on a couch, I wake up with pain. I sleep in a hammock it feels so good I need extra will power to get up and out of bed and I'm pain free! So anyway go buy one is what I’m saying. They are cheep they are made in Mexico by cool people in the Yucatan. http://www.cmerida.com/rada/english.htm This is where I got mine. I got the matrimonial size. It rules. It will arrive 2 days after you order usually. I hang it up in the house by finding a wall stud and putting a sturdy eye bolt into it then just carabineer in and I’m set. And you wouldn’t believe how much space you save. This second pic is from the old apartment. I just love this pic cuz its so ugly. I think its one of sweetest pictures I have actually...


Hot chocolate wonder

Today I shall tell you the secret for the best hot chocolate I've ever concocted. Here’s what you do.

Take what ever hot chocolate mix you have that you usually put in hot water. First step heat up some real milk at least 2% (that’s right we use milk not water) Get it nice and hot or warm or what ever. It will mix better when it’s warm. When that’s all mixed in good add some nutmeg. (that’s the secret ingredient, that’s why this rocks.) Then you add some creamer. My favorite is vanilla cinnamon. Not to much mind you.. stir it again and that’s it.. Instant holiday cheer! It tastes like Christmas!


First snow of the year...

I guess it’s a good thing. The sooner winter comes the sooner its over and then the sooner I can get another motorcycle. The truth is I like winter and snow for maybe a month. After that it really gets tedious for me. The scraping of windows mostly. I hate that it makes me get up earlier so I can get the car warmed up first then its always a slower drive to work and you always no there’s some idiot out there who doesn’t know how to drive in winter conditions. There’s always some idiot with his windows totally fogged over, or driving way to fast. But I know I would miss it if it was just summer forever. I know this because I served a mission to Bolivia. And where I was at there aren’t any seasons. It’s about a 10 degree difference at most. So when Christmas came around and I was still sweating like a pig I really wanted some cold nasty weather. The end.


Escalante Trip! The best of 2004

This trip started on March 24th. And I think that’s why summer 04 was so cool. Because it started so early. Anyway we planed a trip to Escalante and had a blast. It began a cold night up some canyon we camped just below the snow and had fun singing and playing guitar by the fire. Oh I forgot something already. On our way up the canyon we spot the biggest moose I've ever seen standing right in the middle of the road. So I did what any idiot would do... I chased it in my car while Davy fumbled to get a picture of it with my camera. Sadly (but probably good because that thing could have demolished my car) we didn’t get a picture of it. So anyway the next day we pile everything in the back of the truck (including me and davy) and we drive out to what looks like the middle of the dessert. We hike down a long extremely sandy trial. And end up on the rim of a huge canyon with a river in the distance and an arch high above the river. After carefully coming down off the rim we land on a huge sand dune fully loaded with cactus and other desert sage. This was probably the greatest part of the hike. Running and jumping as high and as far as you can making sure you land in the sand and not on a cactus. Then once we get past the sand all we can think about is getting past the cliffs so we can get in the water. It was so hot and we were starting to get a nice sunburn. Finally we go for a swim and get to the bottom of the arch. By the time we get to this point most of us are to tired to climb all the way up to the arch. So we take pictures and once last dip in the cool water before the long trek back to the truck. We make it back to the truck looking like the living dead. And Davy looking like a lobster with one of the worst burns in his life. We take off in the truck and go as far as we can till we get to an impossible rock that our truck just can’t climb. It was something I doubt any conventional 4x4 could have accomplished. So we find a nice rock and sack out and make dinner before it gets dark. Dinner I think consisted of castleberry stew from the can! That night someone was snoring so loud in a way that could only come from utter exhaustion. So I threw one of my shoes at his face. I’m such an a hole! *Sorry Dan! We wake up to a flat tire. While we are all trying to change the tire Davy was putting some serious effort in "Arts and Crafts" making something out of hemp while he used the truck door lock to keep it steady. We get the truck taken care of and we fill out water jugs and camelbaks and head out across the desert again. This time there was no down hill fun just miles of sand and rock. We get to “Hole In The Rock” and we see Lake Powell off in the distance. The water looks so inviting. So we hike all the way down. It was much much longer than it looked. On the way down I remember thinking "how in the world did they make down this place with wagons and live stock! Incredible. So we get down there and some how the beautiful blue water is ICE COLD. Then we remember oh right its only March. No one quite has the courage to get in the water. We find a cool cave that wouldn’t have been accessible had the water not been at an all time low. You can see the white line where the water had been. Before we decide to head back up the treacherous path we decide we better jump in the water so we can cool off for at least part of the way back. It was cold enough to make me scream like a woman. As soon as we get out of the water the wind picked up and pelted us with sand. It wouldn’t have been that big a deal except we didn’t have shirts on and we were pretty sunburned, so it didn’t feel so good. We get back to the top and take more pictures. At one point we were all sitting on a very tall instant death sort of cliff and I had got up to go elsewhere when one foot lost its grip and slid. It was no big deal cuz I had a pretty good hold with the other foot but Dan didn’t know that so from his view it looked as though I was about to die. We had a good laugh at his expressed shock and horror. The only thing that kept us alive on the way back was the few granola bars we had with us. Well I guess I'll leave it at that. But the Escalante trip ruled…


A sad loss..

When I moved here I had to get rid of my vehicles including my beloved motorcycle. When this pic was taken I had only had it for like a week I think. Back in the high school days I had always wanted a bullet bike. I talked about it with my friends all the time. After I came home from Bolivia (my mission) I started working on cars with my dad. One of his main hobbies is rebuilding cars (mostly the F-body type. ex. the camaro trans am ect.) I helped him rebuild a few engines and I learned a whole bunch of stuff. I also learned more about myself. In the fact that the bullet bike really wasn’t my style. I had really started to like the bigger engine sound of the V8 and torque and horsepower and all that. And so the cruiser type motorcycle was really more my type (even though the bullet bike usually has way more horse power). To me.. the bullet bike was more like a freakin ricer. The attitude and the sound they make and the people that ride them(no offence.. well maybe just a little). I hate ricers! We all do.. but that’s a different story right! So I bought this bike off my friend who was getting married and needed to sell it. It's a 99 Honda Shadow Ace Deluxe 750. The perfect starter bike I think. So the problem was, I haven’t ridden I bike since I was a little boy scout when I rode a little 90cc dirt bike with a few friends of mine. And I don’t think I was much good at then looking back on it.. But it doesn’t matter I wanted a bike so bad. It can’t be that hard I told myself. So I backed it up rode it off the drive way and onto the street. I then took it around the block and I have been 100% addicted ever since! I love everything about it. Out on the road we are like a brother hood. We look out for each other. You may have seen how we signal to each other. It’s kind of funny though. The two types of riders there are. Most of the time we wont signal or “motorcycle wave” to a rider of the opposite kind of bike. Cruiser people always signal cruiser people but we almost never signal bullet bike riders. It’s this kind of culture I don’t know but I love it. The next one I buy is going to be an 1100cc bike I’m not sure what yet. I’m thinking that as soon as winter is over I’ll get it. I can’t wait!


Nutty Putty Cave Adventures...

This is just one of many... This happend sometime last year. Or early this year.. cant remember.

So we decided late one night that it would be a good idea to go to nutty putty. I don't know who thought of it first but it was instantly embraced by all. It being the perfect night for it of course.. middle of the winter.. It just snowed a ton.. which means.. water in the cave and mud on trail =GOOD TIME! So we grab a flash light and water and what ever saltine crackers we can find. We pile in the truck and away we go.. (by the way.. this trip was me Dan and Davy. We took Dan's truck. It only seats 2 people. Just a side note) We finally get to the turn off and we knew instantly what kind of adventure it would be... It was cold and there was fresh mud everywhere. Also there was some snow drift the covered some of the bad spots so it made it just a bit more dangerous. We get off the main dirt road and onto the "trail" it was probably the worst I've ever seen it. We were sliding all over the place barely missing HUGE ruts FULL of water and snow, trees big sage brush and oh of course fences. At one point over correcting to the point where we almost "doinked the fence" (that's a direct quote from Dan as he was driving.. he shouts.. "I almost doinked the fence" It was so funny. So we make it half way up the rock hill and park it. We strip down to our cave gear. (Shorts, short sleeve shirt and flashlight) we are forced to run the rest of the way up the hill due to the bitter cold. We get to the pit and start climbing down the main entrance. I was the first one down. I yell up to everyone "holy crap that's a lot of VERY cold water! We were almost discouraged from going in at all. It was the deepest water any of us ever saw! I decide I would just take my shirt off and stuff it back in a somewhat dry area and dive in. Saying lets just "take it like a man and do it!” I held my breath and jumped head first trying to keep my face out of it. I didn't breathe for I don't know how long. After much screaming like a woman I calm down and wait for the others. Davy's turn next. It takes a while to get to get the guts to jump into arctic waters with nothing but shorts on. He goes shirtless as well. I'm pretty sure I hear the f word slip as he’s coming through...lol! Now Dan. He does it a little different. Takes his shirt off and sticks it down the back of his pants. Remarkably it stays dry and he puts it back on when we get into the first big chamber. Me and Davy crawl through the entire cave shirtless. We come back hours later. Time to go home…

Part two.

None of us are willing to get soaking wet again only to face the bitter cold outside. What do we do? Well I notice there is an old green hose someone left near the entrance. I'm thinking "what in the world is this doing here" then it hits me. Of course! Perfect! I position the hose just right in the deepest part of the frigged water. After many encouraging words we finally convince Dan to suck the hose so the water will start to drain out towards another section of the cave. I'm watching everything from above. Dan puts his hand over the hose so he wouldn't have to put his mouth on it and starts to suck. It doesn't work. To much air gets through his fingers. So we tell him to put his mouth on it. Taking one for the team he does and its nasty to see. Suddenly in slow motion now I see nasty cave water spewing out of the hose and into his mouth as he tries to pull it away! VICTORY... Dan is spitting nasty cave water for the next 20 min.! Well it got most the water out but there is still enough to soak the front of your body. We are happy with the results as it is a much better situation. I go first. Then Davy. We all meet at the top of the hole. Already freezing to death and now drenched on our front sides we hesitate only for a moment. At this point we do the only logical thing... we instantly all strip down buck naked and start running down the hill. (Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing. It was the best thing to do. The wind dried us off pretty fast and so it was actually warmer with no clothes on. Because they were all wet! No big deal right.. lol) Half way down we hear the funniest thing in the world. Someone has a good stumble and we hear someone yell "SAGE BRUSH!" we all almost collapsed! We get to the truck and put on a set of dry something. We get our water and crackers and drive home with yet another nutty putty cave adventure behind us. And another story to tell.

The picture above was from a few years back but a nutty putty trip none the less. You always come back looking something like this. Dirty and all banged up!

Thats what the adventures are all about! I already miss it! Who knows when the next one will be.

My last expedition to Mt.Timpanogos

This is a great hike with great stories! First time we did it when we were all roommates it took us 9 hours start to finish. Once you make it to the top it’s always fun to ski down the glaciers. This one time I decided id take a short cut down this one section of the mountain but as it turned out it was much steeper than I thought. So as I’m rushing towards a very narrow trail on the other side a cliff large enough to kill someone I began to scream like a woman. Lucky my buddy was not as dumb as I was and took the long way and was close enough on the trail as to run and tackle me into the snow bank before I fell head over heals off the cliff. You guys remember pokemon lake? Yeah that was a good time… This one was taken July 27th this year I believe. Also the watch there is a nixon scout! In case anyone was wondering.. also if any of my old roomates read this.. I think my watch is lost to the void of the upstairs blue couch. If you wouldnt mind digging it out for me I have instructions for my sister to come get it and bring it to me when she comes up for thanksgiving...

The picture that inspired so many...

Inspired ridicule maybe! Ok.. sooner or later you all knew I was gonna put this one up! For those of you who are seeing this "artsy" picture for the first time I recomend heading over to my myspace page for a little background... haha.. sweet gosh! This was taken a few weeks or so before I left Utah.

My last day in Utah!

This is where I spent my last day in Utah. Me my little sister and my aunt hiked up bridelveil falls. It was a good ole time.. Poor leschia had a few good falls though on the way down.. this is one of my favorite places in Provo! This was about halfway up the falls...

Going back a few months...

Looks like I have missed a couple days. I have an excuse for one day... Sprint messed something up in the area.. they are morons.. so we didnt have internet for a day but anyway.. I dont have anything new so I pulled a couple pics from my Hawaii trip early this year. These are 2 of my favorites. The one with the sailboat im particularly proud of. This was a way cool trip. The other one was taken after dinner one sunday. Pretty amazing how the sky can have that much color in it. Other news is that LumenLab should be shiping me some stuff for my projector today. Im gonna do some more work on it this weekend. I should have at least something to show for it by then. BooYeah!


I live in my parents basement...

So I just moved here to Virginia from Utah. And yes I live in my parents basement. As you can see I dont have a closet yet so I had to get a little creative. My thinking is that I wont be here long so it doesnt really matter anyway.


Davy's old fossil

My friend had this watch for years. When he finally got a new one he gave me this one. I always told him that I would make a band for it out of hemp. I still havnt made a band for it but I did turn it into my new wallpaper. I love this pic. If anyone wants a hi-res version of it let me know and i'll email it to ya.



Nothing to report today. I took this pic a few minutes ago. Not to shabby if I say so myself. I did order some parts for my Projector project. I decided to start it. I'll post my progress as it comes along.. cant wait to show you a picture of me watching Gladiator on a 120'' screen when its done!


Truck Nuts? I don't believe it!

So I was just in town today at a stop light when I notice something's not quite right with the truck in front of me! As it's driving I notice that what ever is hanging from the tow-hitch is swaying back in forth. Something is almost famliar about it. Then it hits me.. thats a pair of nuts hanging from that dudes tow hitch! I can't believe it. And green to match his truck to!


Surround Sound Specs!

I have always admired a speaker setup that could melt my face! And well.. I finally got my own. Its not the best there is by any means.. But its better than most.. And I'm not a total audiophile yet. Maybe someday when I have more of a cash flow to fund the hobby. So yeah here it is.

First.. And most important.. Is.. The Bose Acoustimass 16 home entertainment speaker system Its sweet.. That's all I'm gonna say.. Then we got a Liteon 2002 DVD player nothing crazy but its alright. I've got it hooked up with a Monster optical(digital) cable. Which is the ONLY way to go. To my Yamaha HTR-5750 Digital Home Theater Receiver. And a nothing worth mentioning TV. So anyway.. DTS rules.. I wish more of my DVD's had it.

As for upgrades.Thisss first thing Id love to do is build me a sweet projector. Id like to get started on this as soon as I can..We will see what happens. Id also like to get a new DVD player but I think I'm gonna wait till Blu-Ray gets cheaper (HD-DVD) (High Definition Video in 720p - 1080i or 1080p on a disc) But that will be a while as well.



This is just a cool pic I took today.. Its so weird up here.

Mist of Death

This was taken today at 11:30am from the porch of my house. This creepy mist has been here at least half the days I've been here. The weird thing is that it completely disappears just down the road a few hundred yards. And today it was extra creepy because there was a demon bird (crow) on the big tree out there cawing like the world was ending I swear! Anyway.. I cant wait till Halloween...


5 hours in the ER and I dont even care!

So heres the deal I've had a sore throat for like 3 weeks.. so I’m sick of it.. and I just moved here so I don’t have a doctor.. So.. My only choice is the local hospital ER. So I go there.. Fill out the "im a first timer here" paper work. 2 hours later they take me into (oh not so fast all the rooms were full so..) the hallway! I sit down on a chair facing the big double doors I just came through. Now during the next 3 hours a lady with a blood pressure machine on wheels checks my blood 3 times and another lady shoved a 10'' cotton swab down my throat. Doctor finally comes and says.. "you don’t mind talking about your problems out there do you?" "no of course not" I said.. why they heck would that bother me.. I think to my self.. !? Anyway he says the strep test was a negative lets try some blood work I bet you have mono. I’m thinking mono? Isn’t that something you get from kissing other mono people! Great.. so while another chick is siphoning away my blood I ask her in a polite way how much this is gonna cost me. She says.. I don’t know.. Do you have insurance? And I’m like actually no.. I just moved here and I haven’t started working yet.. and she’s like well.. Hey.. (Then this other lady comes over) perfect timing. I schmoozed her over enough that she took pity on me and told me that the hospital would cover everything on my bill today.. And not only that.. She had me sign some stuff that made my next visits to ANY hospital free for the next 6 months! How cool is that.. !?

Moral of the story is.. Schmooze the old ladies at the hospital.. You might get hooked up with more than just a catheter! Heck schmooze anyone you can.. I say!


Geez.. this is harder than it looks.

After reading all you guyses blogs im feeling like mine is really missing the mark. Heres the deal.. you guys have cool names.. like.. "Medium" or "Something else" mine is .. "Garit's Photo Journal" And another thing.. I dont have a secret name.. I'v already blown my cover in the blog title. You guys are frigging hilarious! I'm still cracking up at "Fish SARS" so im not sure what to do..

Maybe.. I'll have to find some kind of free online picture deal and use this for a more creative outlet.

So anyway.. this is a pledge to step it up a notch.

Let her be worshiped...

I've decided that if ever there is a woman who takes it upon herself to wash my clothes and fold them up and put them away. I swear to you all right now I will worship her till the day I die! I hate doing laundry. Its like a nightmare you can never get away from. Am I right.. Or am I right..


And so it begins...

This is a pretty cool deal.. I think I'm gonna like this!

Also.. this was a self haircut.. feel free to congratulate me.